Air Compressor Management Management

NEWS: Chicago 4/7/2016 Airleader wins Energy Efficiency Award Challenge 2016

Compressed air is an expensive medium and system transparency is rather the exception and not the norm.
The AIRLEADER is unique because it is the only consumption based and self-learning control in the market.  The transparent web-based monitoring has been developed over the last 20 years in connection with our customers. It provides the information that matters to understand and run a compressed air system most effective.Improving the system performance, making the system transparent, while increasing the system reliability is easy and affordable accomplished with an intelligent Compressor Master Controller.

Capturing essential system performance data while monitoring critical air quality data is not only eye opening, it provides the tool to continuously improve system performance and awareness. An essential integral to effortlessly support the requirement of a ISO 50001. P-D-C-A Plan Do Check Act.

Future investments in compressed air systems become fact based and traceable.

We also provide system simulation to show the effects of a new compressor or storage receiver prior to investing any money.

Our open system architecture allows our clients to take any data in real time from Airleader via OPC-server into any other plant monitoring system.

More than 8,000 customers already save energy for years and reduced their service cost while increasing their system reliability and air quality.


Payback times vary, but are typically between 6 and 24 months. We have also seen payback times of only a few weeks.

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